Jewelry Care Insructions

Caring for your Jewelries

*Clean it with a mild soap and water solution, allowing the water to bead up, and then patting dry with a soft cloth.
*Store it in a cool, dry place, preferably in a tarnish-preventive bag or wrapped in a soft piece of felt or cloth when you're not using it.
*Store pieces individually so that they don’t knock together and scratch.
*DO NOT rub it with anything other than a polishing cloth. Tissue paper or paper towels can cause scratches because of the fibres in these products.
*Make sure it is not exposed to air and light during storage – this can cause silver to tarnish.
*Don’t wear it in chlorinated water or when working with household chemicals.
*To remove any tarnish the simple use of a special Silver Dip or rubbing with a Silver Cloth is all that is required to renew the brilliance and shine.

*Sterling silver, like other precious metal alloys, can oxidise with time. But properly maintained silver jewellery improves with age and develops a lush patina. Treat your silver well, care for it properly and it will reward you with a long life and a lustrous look.
*Handle your jewelry with care when taking them on and off as they are soft materials

*It is needed to take it off before bathing, swimming, exercising, household chores and when using abrasive cleaners.
*Wait until your lotion or cream is dry or has been absorbed by your skin before you wear your gold plated ring, bracelet or necklace.
*DO NOT spray on perfume or other sprays while wearing your rose gold jewelry.
*After every use, clean it with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt.
*Gently rubbing the surface of it using a soft jewelry cloth, helps restore shine. DO NOT use a polishing cloth as this will strip away the plating.
*Stay away from jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps which may have certain components that will make your yellow gold plated jewelry tarnish more quickly.
*To avoid scratches, wrap it in a soft cloth after cleaning or keep it in a jewelry box separate from other types of jewelry you have. Small zip-locks work great.
*DO NOT store gold plating and silver plating together. The different metals will cause each other to tarnish, fade and/or turn colors. Have different storage places for different colors of metals like gold and rose gold. Store in a dry area.

*Store in dry places.
*Avoid getting it in contact with oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine and perfume
*Prevent scratches by wrapping your it in a soft cloth or store in a jewelry box when you're not using it. Another practical idea for storage is to use small zip-lock bags.

* To extend the life of the jewelry, the owner has to put it in a dismal closed box when it is not being used. To find beautiful rose gold crafted with high quality workmanship that will be loved for a lifetime, keep these tips in mind.
*Handle your jewelry with care when taking them on and off as they are soft materials
*Plating is a process where a layer of gold is placed on to coat the surface of another metal. As the jewelry is not 100% solid gold, extra care should be taken to maximize its lifespan. Anything plated will eventually wear out with time and wear.

*One time adjustment with care.
*Don't widen to much the texture of the ring might be change.
*Squeeze or adjust it gently and slowly for maximum comfort wear.
*Without overdue bending, your special piece of jewelry should last a long.